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Move Out Painting Service Dubai

  1. Preparation: Before we start painting, we’ll move and cover your furniture with plastic for protection. We’ll also mask all your walls and floors that you don’t want to be painted and we’ll fix any cracks and smooth the walls to get them ready for painting.
  2. Prime & Paint: Next we’ll prepare all the walls to be painted. We do this by laying down a base layer of primer to ensure the paint sticks to the walls and leaves a bright vibrant finish. We use high-quality paints that are easily washable and odorless.
  3. Cleaning: After painting, we’ll take away all the coverings and clean up any mess. Plus, we offer a free cleaning service once we’re done, so you don’t need to worry about any paint spills or cleanup troubles.
Move out painting Dubai
Move in painting Dubai

Move In Painting Service Dubai

Looking to paint the interior of your apartment before you move in? Look no further! Our team at Nova Wrap are expert certified painters who will have your apartment looking brand new in hours! We also offer villa painting services in Dubai!

We specialize in providing high-quality move-in and move-out painting services to tenants and landlords in Dubai. We cater to both interior and exterior painting and offer flexible scheduling options including weekends.

Our painting is perfect to conceal stains and discoloration to update wall colors and provide a clean new wall for new tenants. We also repair any damage and holes or cracks in the walls before applying primer and two coats of high-quality paint to achieve a perfectly painted finish.


Who Is Responsible For Painting Landlord Or Tenant?

In Dubai, the general practice often places the responsibility for painting on the tenants, especially when they are moving out. This ensures that the property is returned to the landlord in good condition, similar to when the tenant first moved in. The specifics of this arrangement can vary based on the rental agreement. Tenants are usually expected to handle minor repairs and return the property in a well-maintained state, which can include repainting if the walls have been damaged or altered during their tenancy beyond normal wear and tear. It’s important for tenants and landlords to clearly outline and agree upon these responsibilities in the lease agreement to prevent any misunderstandings.

Does A Tenant Have To Paint When They Move Out In Dubai?

In Dubai, the requirement for a tenant to paint upon moving out depends on the rental agreement and the condition of the property. If the agreement specifies that the tenant must return the property in its original condition, then the tenant may need to paint if the walls are damaged or excessively marked. However, normal wear and tear are typically accepted, and in such cases, painting may not be required.

Can A Landlord Use The Security Deposit To Repaint The Walls?

Yes, a landlord can use the security deposit to repaint the walls if there is damage beyond normal wear and tear. The security deposit is meant to cover any damages to the property caused by the tenant. If painting is required to repair such damages, the landlord can deduct the costs from the security deposit. However, for normal wear and tear, the landlord should not use the security deposit for repainting.